Friday, 12 October 2012

17 Wild Curls Mascara (Black)

My friends all know that when it comes to cosmetics, mascara is usually the one product that I am not prepared to scrimp on. I love long, full lashes, and I'm usually prepared to pay a little bit more to achieve the look that I want.

At the beginning of this summer however, I was sent a bunch of vouchers to use with my Boots Advantage Card (if you don't own one of these - WHY! Sign up here right now!), among which was a coupon to try 17's new 'Wild Curls' mascara for just £1. I'd never usually consider buying a mascara by a brand like 17, but for a quid? Why the hell not!

I wasn't expecting great results, but was pleasantly surprised by this product. I usually find that mascaras are good at either fanning the lashes or adding volume, but rarely both, and as a result I often use 2 different mascaras if I'm going anywhere special. But I'm pleased to say that 17's offering managed to fan my lashes whilst lengthening and adding volume, definitely not what I was expecting from such a low-end product. Two or three coats were all it took to give my average lashes a proper makeover. Strangely, the one aspect of this mascara that I found disappointing was the promise to curl lashes, as mine stayed as straighter than Russell Brand in a brothel even after a good few coats. A shame, but not enough to put me off this mascara as to my mind that's what eyelash curlers are for.

At £6.29, this mascara is a brilliant bargain and I will definitely be replacing it when it eventually runs out! If you want to try it for yourself, you can get it here.


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