Sunday, 14 April 2013

The £2 Game-Changer

Hi all! I have recently fallen in love with one product in particular that if you aren't already using, you really need to be - and since it happens to be an almighty bargain, there really is no excuse.

The product in question is Superdrug's own brand Coconut Oil, and will set you back £2.29 for a 125ml tub (£1.50 if you're fast, it's currently on special offer). If you're a student like me, you can use your NUS card to claim an extra 10% off (although the store assisstant may look at you like you're the tightest person on the planet), rendering this product deliciously cheap.
The oil is sold at room temperature meaning that it will be in solid form when you buy it, to use you simply scrape some out and rub it between your fingers to melt it into liquid oil. The oil is fragrenced and hydrogenated,  meaning that it's not the purest stuff on the market, but I can vouch for the fact that it still does the job- plus it smells divine. If you'd rather stick to pure virgin coconut oil then have a look in Holland & Barrett or similar stores, where prices tend to start from about a tenner (albeit for a larger tub).

Superdrug's Coconut Oil is sold and advertised as a 'skin softener', but this is certainly not the only use for this product. Applying a small amount of oil to the very tips of your hair overnight acts as a lovely long drink for the dryest part of your barnet, and the ends will look and feel noticably softer and more hydrated after you wash it in the morning. Rubbing the oil into dry skin will instantly hydrate, and the moisture lasts longer than many body lotions or butters that I've used before. Rubbing a thin layer of oil onto your legs will make them look extra supple, a trick that I will definitely be cashing in on when (if) summer finally arrives and brings bare-legs weather. Finally, applying coconut oil on top of fake tan will help prevent the colour from running too, although make sure you put it on after rather than before or the oil will prevent the colour from taking to your skin.

As promised, this Coconut Oil is also a super-efficient skin softener. For the last week or so I've been rubbing the oil into my feet before bed and sleeping in socks, and the results are absolutely amazing. I've had manky feet for as long as I can remember, but one week in and they are almost unrecognisable; even my heels feel super soft - I will continue to buy this coconut oil for this  reason alone.

5/5 - go buy!


  1. I totally agree, I don't think I could live without this product in my beauty regime! I use it on my hair as a deep conditioner, as a heat protectant and to keep down the fly aways, not to mention how good it is for dry skin! Such a steal at under £2 too!

  2. A right little miracle isn't it! xx

  3. I went to Superdrug during my lunch break after I read this to go and buy it. Even more of a bargain, it was on offer - £1.50 only!

    Need to starting using it now xx

    1. Yessss an incredible bargain! Keep me posted as to how you get on with it! x


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