Friday, 29 March 2013

Barbara Daly Face Lift

This is a post that is far too long overdue! A friend of mine bought me this lovely little pot of goodness for Christmas this year specifically so that I could blog about it, so it's about time I did.

Barbara Daly's makeup range is exclusive to Tesco, and for that reason I'd never tried any of the products until now as I don't have big Tesco within easy reach. I'd heard good things and wanted to try some stuff out, so when my friend Adrienne offered to buy me the Face Lift cream (£8) for Christmas I was chuffed! Jargon from the packaging: 

"Barbara Daly Face Lift is a feather-light anti-ageing moisturising cream with SPF 10 that’s great for all skin types. Wear it alone or under make-up to give your skin an instant lift. The micro-refined photo-reflecting particles illuminate the skin to give an instant lift to your complexion. You look refreshed and flawless, with a healthy dewy glow."

The cream smells absolutely lovely - I always thought it was citrus-y, but a closer examination of the packaging reveals that it is in fact scented with apricot. Either way, this will make your face smell lush (and who doesn't want a nicely scented face?), which is a good start. The cream itself is lovely and light, meaning that you can quite comfortably wear it under foundation without feeling like your face is dripping in makeup, but it provides enough coverage to use on its own if you aren't a fan of foundation, have clear skin to start with, or if you aren't planning on going anywhere special. If you suffer from problem skin they you will probably want to stick to using it beneath foundation in order to get a little extra coverage. (I'm not going to bother uploading before and after pictures because you'd never be able to tell the difference on my elderly camera.)

This product is perfect for achieving an on-trend dewy look for your skin without giving the appearance of being greasy, but if you prefer a matte look then this isn't the product for you. Don't be tempted to apply powder on top of Face Lift - you might as well buy a BB cream if all you want is extra coverage. Face Lift would be perfect for anyone hoping to make their skin look more youthful (hence the name), so if this is you then I suggest you get down to Tesco. 



  1. Brilliant stuff but Tesco seem to not have any in stock at the moment and haven't for a while. Was wondering if there is a manufacturing problem?

    1. Bought some today from Tesco but it not in the little jar it either in a tube you have to squeeze or in a taller tube which has a pump action nozzle £9.99 hope this helps

  2. Please tell me where I can buy it as Tesco no longer sell it :-(

  3. Why can I not buy Barbara Daley face lift any where ??? What's happened to it ????

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