Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Budget vs Blowout - Hair Strenghtening Treatments

Even though I'm a big-time bargain lover, I always find myself tempted by the bigger name brands which tend to carry the higher price tag. Luckily, when it comes to hair products, I rarely have to splurge to try a higher end product thanks to my Aunt, an ex-hairdresser who likes to sample every shampoo, conditioner and treatment going, then pass them on to me after a few uses reveal that they aren't suitable for her super fussy hair.

 The last time I saw her, she donated a 250ml bottle of Redken Anti-Snap Leave In Conditioner. I was pretty pleased with this result as I'd been longing to try a Redken product for some time, but could never quite bring myself to spend twice as I'd usually pay for a highstreet alternative. At over £13 a bottle on Amazon, I'd usually consider this product to be out of my poverty stricken student budget (sobs).

In contrast, I recently decided I wanted to give coconut oil a try in wake of Moroccan Oil Mania (see my review of Avon's budget friendly version here), as it sounded like it could be a purse-friendly alternative. To quench my curiosity, I picked up Inecto Pure Coconut Oil Hair Repair Treatment from Amazon for £2.36, in the hope that I may have found a new favourite that I can actually afford!

The Redken treatment promises to strengthen hair and prevent split ends, as well as hydrating for instant results. I found that I didn't need to use too many pumps of the conditioner to be able to get good coverage of my ends, and the smell was pleasant too.
I didn't notice a massive difference in the feel of my hair immediately after using the Redken conditioner, but in the long term I have noticed a reduction in the amount of split ends - whether this is down to the conditioner or the fact that I have shorter hair than I used to, I'm not entirely sure. 

The Coconut Oil Hair Repair Treatment is a masque rather than a leave in conditioner, making it more of a hassle to use than the Redken strengthener, which you can just apply to hair and then blow dry as normal. The packaging promises that the treatment will nourish and hydrate hair making it softer and stronger, helping to prevent breakage and split ends. The smell of the Inecto product is divine (providing you like the smell of coconut as much as I do), and the scent lingers on your hair until you next wash it. My hair did feel immediately softer and shinier after rinsing the masque - more so than after using the Redken treatment - but the feeling fades fast, leaving me wondering whether the product is actually benefiting my hair at all in the long run.

Despite promising the same results,  I've found that I've been using these products for different reasons. The Redken Anti-Snap conditioner won't provide immediate benefits but will instead work its magic in the long run, whereas the Inecto conditioner is perfect for using before a special occasion, as it will leave your hair shiney, soft and smelling gorgeous. For under three quid I'd recommend investing in the Coconut Oil masque, but in light of the £13 price tag I probably won't be re-purchasing the Redken treatment when it runs out.


  1. I loved your review Emma! Currently using budget (Aussie) and blowout (Morrocanoil) deep conditioning treatments also, one costing about seven times as much as the other, and have come to a similar conclusion!! As for Redken I really recommend the All Soft Heavy cream (silly name, I know) conditioning treatment if you do decide to return to the brand or your aunt has any going spare ... but overall I think Philip Kingsley is definitely the best brand for conditioner bar none. Elasticiser sample off ebay got me hooked but then again I have extremely curly hair which is prone to dryness so it might be a moisture overload on straighter locks :)
    Hannah (Davies, as in fellow blogger - can't sign into my OpenID for some reason!) xx

  2. Just borrowed your Pure Coconut Hair repair treatment. It has made my hair smell completely insane! I agree with you, it has instantly made my hair feel very soft and smooth. However, I am not sure how long this effect will last! I think it is more of a short-term solution and that it is definitely worth investing in a conditioning treatment i.e. Morrocan oil - not that I can afford it!

  3. Hi Hannah, lovely to hear from you, it's been to long1 Ooh thanks for that tip-off, will definitely have to give the Philip Kingsley a go, even if it's just on the ends where my hair is most dry and damanged.

    And Anna, remind me to nick the Coconut back off of you before we disappear home for Christmas haha :)


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