Thursday, 8 November 2012

Natural Collection / Beauty freebies

As part my quest to root out the very best budget cosmetics, I took advantage of a 3-for-2 offer in Boots (do they ever NOT have a 3-for-2 offer?), and bought three Natural Collection products - a brand that I have to admit I'm not usually a fan of. I picked up a blusher in 'Rosey glow' (let's quietly gloss over the fact that 'rosy' is spelt wrong - tut tut Natural Collection), a pressed powder in 'Warm', and a metallic baby blue nail varnish. If you didn't already know, all products by Natural Collection are £1.99 each, meaning that I walked away with all three products for under £4.

I absolutely love the colour of the nail varnish; I'd been looking for the exact shade everywhere so I was pleased to have found it at such a reasonable price. However, I've used Natural Collection nail varnish before and been extremely disappointed by the quality, so I wasn't holding out much hope. It took a good three coats to get solid coverage, and letting the previous coat dry first was an absolute must, or the polish would visibly seperate into different layers. I would usually apply a top coat on top of a cheaper branded nail varnish, but for the sake of experiment I refrained. I was actually pretty pleased with the results compared to experiences I've had with NC nail varnishes before - the picture shows my nails after five days, although there is a fair amount of chipping, it is only on the tips and therefore easily touched up. However, for the sake of an extra quid, I would upgrade to a Barry M polish every day of the week - the quality simply doesn't compare. 

Next up, the blusher. Unfortunately I've been really unimpressed with this product - for a start the pot with the blush in it broke off of the external packaging within a week, which I'm sensing will probably end in a big old mess. Even when using a semi-decent blusher brush I find that it's very difficult to apply this product evenly; using a small amount renders it barely visible, but using a tiny bit more leaves you looking like a clown. Shame.

The pressed powder was much more of a success. It does what it says on the tin - reduces shine and produces a matte finish when applied on top of foundation. I don't have oily skin to start with so perhaps it wouldn't work as well on different skin types, but for me I have no problems with it. It's also fragrance free, which I prefer, as some powders I've used before have stank to high heaven, not ideal when you're going to be putting it on your face!

Nail Varnish: 2/5 
Blusher: 1/5
Pressed Powder: 4/5

On a seperate note - those of you back home in Kent may be interested to know that Real Hair & Beauty salon in Tunbridge Wells is holding a relaunch event next week, on Wednesday 14th November. Between 2-8pm, pop in to receive free mini-treatments and hair demonstrations, as well as a complimentary Aveda goodie-bag! For more information, click here to view the Facebook event page.

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